Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Textures! Hastypearl

An artist is always looking.
There's nothing better or more enjoyable to execute than a good, clean line drawing, but our world, and most of what we take in visually, isn't just a "good, clean line drawing"!
The World is full of Depth and Texture...Thank Goodness!
I was recently in the mountains of Colorado, and along with the myriad pictures of flowers, I also at every turn saw...
Maybe you will find inspiration in These pictures, or maybe they will Alert you to be watching for the amazing amount of Texture that you will pass, in every day.
Derelict 1800's building 


Foundation on the building

Lichens and rust on the pipe for the Mill

Rivets...great pattern

Creature Highway, on a fallen log

Slice of a monstrous granite mound

Algae's and lichens on a stone fireplace 

Water rushing over the colorful rocks in the river

These are actually only a fraction of the Texture pictures, that I took!
Keep your eye out.
Don't miss it!
Texture is another of the many Gifts that we have to appreciate, in Every day!
Be amazed at how It will Inspire you:)
Thanks for stopping by my hastypearl blog!
I hope you will enjoy other images that I have collected on my hastypearl Pinterest boards, or check out some of the ways that I have used Texture in my art here!
Have a great day!


  1. What great shots. Looks like nobody does texture quite like Mother Nature herself!

  2. Thanks! Yep, but it sure is fun to try to imitate:)