Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Humble Morning Glory Hastypearl

Morning Glory
It always amazes me, that for less than one dollar, anyone, with an acre or a pot, can buy a package of seeds...soak and sow, and with little nurturing afterwards, be delighted for a very long season...
the humble Morning Glory.
In an array of colors...
they will make you look like the greatest of gardeners! 
While I read in blogs daily, the excitement of the crisp feeling of fall, South Texas is still suffering in heat.
As I write this, it is 98degrees, in the last of September.
Still, the sun shines through the trumpet
of the Morning Glory.
With many previous days of  triple digit temperatures...until the frost arrives...
it will continue to happily, scramble and scamper.

If you haven't grown them before...
please put them on your list for next spring.
Brown thumbs...included!
Enjoy these photos...until then:)
Thanks for stopping by...

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