Thursday, May 7, 2015

39 Things About One Photo Hastypearl

39 Things About This Photo


1. I've lost my mind, to have sold these amazing 1940's Lucite Butterscotch Buttons.
I cant help it! I find amazing things and then list them on Etsy hastypearl. Of course, its only a matter of time, before the Smartest Persons in the whole world find them and buy them.

2. I don't know if the color of the buttons is really called Butterscotch, but doesn't it just Sound delicious?

3. I have sellers remorse. Almost every time I sell something wonderful.

4. I think I'm going to buy some Butterscotch candy, tomorrow.

5. The two rocks are from Colorado.

6. I pick them up on the banks of the Crystal River near my house.

7. I don't know how many different kinds of rocks there are represented by that river, but I own many of them.

8. I don't know why they look like they do, but I want to.

9, They both have a heart theme. One is shaped like a heart, and the other has a heart shape embedded in it.

10, The one with the heart shape embedded in it, is the color of Butterscotch.

11. Now, I really want some Butterscotch.

12. I Eco Dyed the paper in a pot of water, yesterday.

13. I collected the plant material from my garden.

14. I laid it on the paper, rolled it around a copper pipe, dropped it in a tamale pot filled with boiling water, two black walnuts that a friend shared with me, and a piece of iron pipe.

15. When I took the paper out of the pot, I hated the lilac color.

16. I lay the papers on my lawn to dry under a mostly cloudy sky.

17. When I looked at them again this morning, I loved them. I'm pretty sure that there is a lesson about waiting to judge things in there.

18. I got to have an impromptu phone conversation with the person who gave me the walnuts. All because I didn't like the purple. I should remember that and call her again, when I don't like something. It was fun.

19. I photographed this collection in front of a window in my kitchen on a cloudy day. I will do that again, soon.

20. I placed everything on a Vintage French Cutting Board, that was a generous gift from someone that I hardly know.

21. Generous gifts from someone that you hardly know, effect you.

22. Generous gifts from someone that you hardly know are hard to receive.

23. I'm not entirely sure why, but they make me want to give generously.

24. Now that I think of it, the color of boards in the cutting board look like Butterscotch.

25. I think that the grocery store opens at 7 a.m. 

26. I'll set my alarm for early and go there to buy some Butterscotch.

27. I used some yellow Coreopsis flowers from my garden, in the Dye process.

28. You can see the Butterscotch stained color on the paper.

29. There is even a little bit of the petal left on the paper.

30. A generous and talented artist casually mentioned Coreopis to me on FB this week.

31. Maybe I should send her some Butterscotch.

32. I have left the C out of the word Butterscotch every time that I have typed it in this posting.

33. I'm pretty crazy about these photographs.

34. I'm sure that I will think of something that I left out of this list, when I hit the publish button.

35. I think I'm going to publish now, and head on to the grocery store, tonight.

36. I haven't tasted a Butterscotch in at least 50 years.

37. Apparently, seeing this photo, the colors, and writing the word Butterscotch over and over, can be a powerfully persuasive thing. 

38. I thought that I would think of 40 things about these images, but I'm done.

Thank goodness for words...A picture is worth a million of them (That Could count as 39.)

Thanks for stopping by...I'm off to buy some Butterscotch...:) Laura

additional picture added below two days later...

I thought that you might enjoy seeing what my sister just gave me for Mother's Day....
She is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!
I mean....THE BEST....



  1. I don't really like butterscotch, but I do like your photos! I hope you got some. Love the buttons so. I understand your remorse, but, you will find something even better. You have a good eye. Nice chatting the other day!

    1. Now, Leslie, I will list 40 things that you have taught me or done for me or answered for, Ill make that 100! It would be an easy list to fill...:) Laura