Saturday, May 9, 2015

Love Letters! Hastypearl

Love Letters!

I thought this rainy May morning, about how we are headed towards the month of June.
A month full of weddings and brides and flowers.
I was a little rebellious in my youth, and chose the last day of May to be married.
Sort of a stand for not being like everyone else :)

Valentines Day is famous for being a day of sending greetings of love to someone special, 
but again, who says that we have to wait for a day 
that someone decided would be THE day of love? 

I started looking through my Etsy Hastypearl shop
and saw a reoccurring theme of  Letters.
Of course for me, they are more Valued, 
when they are Vintage...have stood the test of time simply 
by not ending up in the dumpster somewhere.

I saw that I have them in different sizes....


and fonts.

My customers contact me asking for combinations of letters 
that mean something just to them.
These two were requested by a mother, for her two sons.
It looks like shes healthy because she wanted to 
include her Daughter In Law's names.
Very sweet!

I often use letters in my Mixed Media Art, 
like in this altered Cigar Box, that I have listed on hastypearl.
The box itself is beautiful wood, and the slight lingering fragrance 
of the wood and tobacco was wonderful and surprising.
I found an ancient poem and slipped it into a 
stained tea bag and wrote the word, yes.
Yes, is always a good word! 

hmmm...speaking of Always...

I hammered Love Letters in white faux leather and custom made envelopes.
These envelopes wont get tossed in the recycle bin, 
but rather will be kept to pass down to our granddaughters.
With words like Friend, Enduring, Boundless...Always, 
the lavender filled pouches wont Wither, 
but rather remind us forever of the sentiments 
hammered on the envelopes.

These are available at hastypearl.


This XO, was purchased by a bride for her groom.
They have been married for 39 years.
That's a long time to be in Love.


I'm patiently waiting for the day, 
that this set of Letterpress Letters is purchased.
I cant think of anything more wonderful, 
than for hastypearl to be right in the middle of a proposal!

Apparently, I have a bit of Match Maker in me:)

I was contacted by a lady, that told me that she had an 8 inch Letterpress Letter S, 
and could I help her spell the word, Scott?
Well, yes I could 
and we even celebrated Scott with an Exclamation Point [!]

Then there was the customer that bought an A and an S, and this set of letters.
I hope that she will write me and tell me her story :)

Recently, I was asked for these three Letters.
I send pictures to my customer, to show them what Letters I have, 
and then we play until we get it like we want it.

Love Letters are so much fun...


So, We don't have to wait until June or Valentines Day, 
to tell someone that we love them.
We can tell them all year long.

This weekend, there will be lots of people telling their Mothers, that they care for them.
Maybe there will be candy, or flowers...but above all ..there will be Letters...

Lots and Lots of  Letters from the Heart....

I've sprinkled in lots of hastypearl links for you to find your way over to my shop!
I hope that you will. 
You'll see lots of ways to express yourself.
Thanks so much, for stopping in today...
I love writing these posts and staying in touch...
I hope to see you again, soon.


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