Thursday, May 14, 2015

Who Is In Your Tribe? Hastypearl

Who Is In Your Tribe?


We all have a tribe.
Co Workers.

Some remain the same in your life, but with others, it can change from day to day.
Some days, I don't see any of those in the list above, but if I'm open, 
it could surprise me who could be a support to me.

I'm fortunate, to have my mother and sister, niece, nephew and kids, 
cousins and in laws, 
that live near by.
As a result, we cross paths with them more.

Mothers Day, 2015, turned out to be one of those kinds of days.

I met my mother and sister and cousin where else...
at a favorite Mexican Food Restaurant.

I ran into some friends from my youth at the restaurant.
Important tribe for many years.

Our garden is in exceptional form, due to surprisingly mild and rainy conditions, 
so I invited them over to my house for a garden tour.
Its fun to set up a special dessert party away from the restaurant...
and I like to pull out my pretty things. 

I love to include hastypearl art work when I can.
Aviator, extraordinaire!

I used flowers from the garden for our centerpiece.
I thought they looked great with my Anthropolgie lampshade.

My sister knows me so well.
Referring to a recent blog post that you may have already read, 
she gave me a bag of...

Butterscotch Candy :)

My BIL, SIL, mother and sister, toured with Larry and Darcy Doodle and I.
The weather was perfect for a flowery stroll. 

Finally, we usually end our visits, with a family photo 
that I can share with the rest of my family.
My mother is headed towards 87 and is still entirely independent.
Again, its wonderful to have family nearby.

Tribes change over the years, but your core, 
are the ones that love you regardless.
Tribe times can be easy or hard, but its still wonderful to know 
that there are people to build us and encourage us and love us,
 no matter what.

Tribes take work.
Just because you are family, doesn't mean that you can take advantage.

I hope that you have people in your life, that are worth it even in the tough times :)

If you are a Mother, 
I hope that your Special Day was one you'll remember....

And a message to the Many Women, some my age and some older 
that have served as Next Tier Mothers and Sisters to me, 
I want to say how important you have been in my life.

I appreciate how you have ministered to and fed me.
I wouldn't be the same Without YOU! 

THAT Tribe is Large and Extraordinarily Special... 
and Never stops growing!

As always...Thanks for stopping by hastypearl....
I hope that you will...often!
:) Laura


  1. Cool gig, everyone es looking good! - Joel

    1. Hey Tribe Member! Wish you had been here! We had fun :) xo