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How to Sew a Pouch ! Hastypearl

How to Sew a Pouch !

So, in typical Hastypearl form, I got the idea on Mother's Day EVE NIGHT, 
to make a pouch for my sister's Mothers Day gift.
She is the All Time Best Mother and Grandmother, 
so she certainly deserved the attention.

If you are a perfectionist, seeing my style and process may be challenging for you:)

I'm a bit of a "squint and look over the end of my thumb to measure", kind of girl.
If you love using patterns, I'm sure that there are plenty out there to use.

I had done two Eco Dye pots last week, 
so I was anxious to use some of the linen, that I had dyed in Saffron.

Its so soft and very organic, so it lent itself to a bit of a rustic approach. 

I measured/eyeballed out, what I thought would make 
a useful sized pouch and cut the linen in a rectangle.
This pouch could be for useful for holding so many things.
Think...art supplies, make up, pens, or really Anything that's not really small, 
that would work its way out of the open top.
If you wanted something more secure, you could add a zipper. 

I stitched along the outsides of the rectangle, in a contrasting color.
This will keep the edges from fraying Past the stitch line, 
otherwise, I think it will look great, to let the linen fray.

You can see the pouch taking shape.
Its basically just a rectangle folded up and stitched on the bottom, 
with a flap on the top.
Finish all of the edges.
I also ran a couple of extra lines across the front flap, 
just for decoration.

I used a contrasting thread, that I thought was 
really complimentary to the Saffron, 
and I selected three buttons from my Vintage Button stash, 
which Never lets me down!

So, I kind of have this More is More attitude in life 
or better applied to this project...
why would you use One Button when you can use Three?

I'll show you how I worked that out, later!

I cut a little slit in the front flap Just large enough to accommodate the buttons, 
and added a bit of support on the back side,
 by adding a small bit of the same linen fabric. 
Then I did a Very Rustic running stitch along the edges of the button hole.

Yes, I know that this free-styling is like fingernails on a black board for some of you, 
but I wanted the project to look very loose and organic.


So, if you want to use more than One Button, its really easy.

You start by sewing two of the buttons together, 
and then sew that pair to the next one.
I had the FANTASTIC Barrel button with one hole, 
and the red button with two holes 
and the Mother of Pearl with four holes, 
so you just have to add them one at a time!

I KNOW...its totally weird to many of you, to use three buttons... 
but its the kind of thing that I'm Just Going To Do...so...
Welcome to My World :)

...isn't that barrel button amazing?!?
 I don't have the matching snap portion, 
but I can just imagine a 1940's suit or coat 
that it once adorned! 

So, now, you can see the set of three buttons all combined and ready to sew onto the pouch.

I stitched some little vines and leaves in the corners of the flap.

In and Out. 
In and Out. 
What a relaxing therapy :)

Below, is what the finished pouch looked like!

It was done in the late night and early morning hours...
neither times great for photography, 
but you can see how it looked all finished.

And Below, is a perfect picture of my heavenly Button dilemma.
ANY of these great buttons would have looked great together or alone.

Aren't Vintage Buttons, amazing?!

So, you can see the pouch, in my Mothers Day table, vignette, 
waiting to surprise my sister.

I think that you can see, 
that I'm already completely in love with the colors of her pouch.
My Old Country Roses china, looked great with it.

It doesn't really effect me year to year what Pantone says are the years best colors.

I've probably already been using one or the other of them, 
my whole adult life and you probably have, too!

So, it wasn't really a surprise, 
when the flowers that I selected from my garden for a little table posy, 
ended up matching so well.

So, there you are!
Its a fun and easy little project to make, if you want to try it.

Perfectionists...I'm sure that yours will look totally different...
but it will be made with love, just like mine was.

When You have someone that you love...
its easy to create something special, just for them!

So as always, Thanks for stopping by! 
I'm so glad that you did :)

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Hope you are enjoying your days...
Best to all...Laura

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