Friday, May 29, 2015

A Walk In The Forest Hastypearl

A Walk In The Forest

I suppose its true for everyone, but when your familiar environment lacks something, 
its such a welcomed novelty when you finally see it somewhere.

A mostly dry South Central Texas where I live, seldom sees mosses growing on rocks.
We have some wonderful lichens on our trees and stones, 
but nothing like you see in a moist and cool environment.

We were blessed to purchase a home in Redstone, Colorado in 2013.
Those words still ring Fresh and New, to my ears. 
I hope that they always will.
I'm working really hard to ensure that they do, 
along with other things when we travel there.
Like, when we step out of the airport building, in Aspen, 
I always breathe in DEEPLY the fragrance of ancient foresty smells.
They are always there waiting for me.

While, many of the days during our trips, 
are still "working" days for me, I try to make my 
way outside as much as possible..
This year, was unseasonably cold for us.
We had snow sometime during every day but two, 
even though we are headed for June.

This is the Walk In The Forest, 
down to the Crystal River right behind our house.
I thought that you might enjoy seeing the things that I LOVE seeing.

Its not a long walk, but it starts right behind the house.
It falls steeply, but zigs and zags along the way.

Happily, the native plants are all still on the property, 
and were just waking up with their beautiful fresh colors.

I cant help but study the tiny living plants growing on each rock.
Just think how many microscopic residents there are.

The sun was stretching its rays as it crept over the side of the mountain.
This pointy rock, reminds me of the snow capped mountains nearby.




This is a spot where you can stop and rest a bit. 
Cook a fish.
Listen to the river rushing down, down, down.

I guess it wouldn't be fair, not to show you our bit of the Crystal River.
Snow melting, hurrying somewhere else....

Everywhere you look is amazing and is another world, for me.

We happily share this property through Vacation Rentals By Owner(VRBO)

It brings me great joy, to read the signed guest book 
and hear the stories of staying there and what it has meant to our guests.
You are welcome to click this link, or the one on the right, 
to see if taking this Walk In The Forest, is for you :)
I hope that it will be !
I say on VRBO, that the house is perfect for a Group or just Two.

You can use your imagination:)

Thanks for stopping by...
Its good to be Back with you.

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