Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Promised Reward! Hastypearl

A Promised Reward!


I posted yesterday, about how everyone seems to be so busy.
Sometimes...too busy!

To take a break, and honor myself, I spent the day today, 
in a kind of Promised Reward Day.
One, where I did things that sometimes you feel like you need to go Away to do.
Instead, I stayed Home, to do them.
A Staycation of sorts :)

One of the things that has been on my to do fun list for too long, 
was to crank up some eco-dye pots.
While its usually better to do this outside, today, I stayed inside.

I have a really great vent over my stove, and I wasn't in any danger, 
so with the rain, it was a great decision.

The amazing end results of eco dyeing is always a definite yes, 
but to me, 
the Process is Also, beautiful to photograph.
I took these pictures both for their beauty and for 
some ideas that you might benefit from.

First, I want to make it Very Clear, that I am a novice dyer.
There are MANY, that know much more than I do.
I think that it just proves, that there are paths for dyers that are very easy, 
and right now, that is great for me.

When Leslie Marsh taught me, we used a water bath in which we dropped, black walnuts, a piece of iron, some vinegar and the collected garden litter, 
rolled up in either paper, or silk, cotton or linen fabric.
Today, I used 140 lb. watercolor paper, and cotton and linen fabric.
While I did a pot with this recipe today, the one that is photographed here, is only using plants wrapped up in cotton or linen and a bath of Spanish Saffron.  

NOTHING in any cabinet or drawer, is safe from me.
I found this beautiful handmade lace round runner, 
to wrap around my leaves and petals from the garden.
I've never used the yarrow before, so it was an experiment.
There are wonderful books to read, I own two of India Flint's, 
that have lists of plants to use in the dye bath, 
but I like to use what I have in my garden, and experiment.
If its a "fail", no problem. I can always use the same fabrics in a different bath, next time. 

This is what the round runner looked like in the bath.
I think that it looks like a sausage!

I walked around the garden, with this mid century plastic pitcher, 
collecting plant clippings.
We have a lot of ants and beetles, in Texas, that invariably piggy 
back into the house on the clippings.
So, I placed the pitcher on a water filled cookie sheet, 
so that when the bugs climb over the side, 
they will encounter the water,
 and they wont climb out on my counter top.
I remember seeing in a museum, that the pioneers had to put their table legs 
in little pots of water, to keep the ants from climbing up 
onto the table and spoiling their food.

I guess I could call myself a flower collecting, Pioneer!

I also leave my papers soaking in water, 
so that they better receive the colors from the plants.

I'm being disciplined, This Time, 
and leaving my rolls in the dye bath overnight, 
or maybe even longer, to make sure that 
they soak up as much dye as possible.

It was a wonderful day, relaxing and honoring myself with a few Promised Rewards...
Now, if I can just remember to do it more often :)

I Hope that you treated yourself to something wonderful, today, 
or have plans for it in the near future!

Dear Reader, I will begin listing a number of new items 
over at my hastypearl shop this week.
I hope that you will take a look and see whats going on over there.
There is always something new to see :)
Buying from Etsy is very easy.
All you need is a credit card, and you can do your Gift Buying, 
in the convenience of your own home..:)

Best to all and Ill see you next time...Laura  

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