Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mixed Media Scrabble Box Assemblage Hastypearl

Mixed Media Scrabble Box Assemblage
For those of you who have read this Hastypearl blog before, you may remember a tutorial I did, on building a Mixed Media Assemblage.
If you haven't seen it, after you read this, you can scroll down a handful of posts, and I'm sure you will find it.
Everyone builds their Assemblage in their own way, but of course it all starts with what items you want to use in your piece.
I'm pretty addicted to creating them, and for me, the fun is not only in the composition, but also the engineering!
Anyway, at my house, yesterday and today was about doing some photography.
I haven't taken pictures of my house for a while.
I have a little fantasy about my house...not sure if it will happen, but photographing was necessary.
There's something interesting about looking at your home through a lens.
It's what guests see when they visit you.
You are used to walking past the same things in your home, day after day, but if you zoom in...make a vignette, you will be surprised how interesting your home really is!
I digress.
One thing that I had needed to do today, was hang my Mixed Media Scrabble Box Assemblage.
I think it looks pretty good in the kitchen, over the table.
I can sometimes be a symmetrical gal, when it comes to wall arrangements.
With that in mind, I think that you can see, that there is now, an empty space to the right of
Mr. Terrier.
Not to worry!
It just so happens, that I have the Scrabble box Bottom, in my studio, just waiting to be turned into something wonderful!

A looped a piece of string, through the saw tooth hanger that I put on the backs of my pieces...
yep, I know that's not very decorator, but I love how simple it looks, unnecessary hole in the wall, for when I want to move things around.
Thought you might enjoy seeing where I ended up placing it!
Feel free, to look up the previous posting on the blog, to read about and see the piece in the making!
Now, go get out your camera, and take a look at your beautiful home through the lens!
I'm sure you will see things in a whole different light!

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