Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fiber Weaving Hastypearl

Fiber Weaving
I thought it might be fun, for me to show you a part of a Mixed Media Assemblage piece, that I am working on right now.
I would love to say, that my workspace, is Always Neat and Orderly, but its not!
While I do "clear the decks", after completing a major piece, in between, I may have Inspirational Supplies out, too!
Hey, you never know when you might USE something, right?:)
So, late one afternoon, (that's why the pictures are a little amber"y"), I decided I wanted to do a weaving for my current project.
I am CRAZY for these bundles of fiber.
I have tried to replicate them, and I Cant!
Run...now...and contact Joni Russell, and buy some of these affordable, BEAUTIFUL Bundles.
You may not see them on her site, but call her, or email her.
She will help you!
She even hand delivered these to me, when she came to San Antonio, to teach a metal jewelry class.
I digress!
    As Always!  
So, I've taken a few art classes. Finally.
But I'm kind of the girl, that likes to just makes things up as I go.
I'm committed to trying not to buy every gadgety thing that comes out!
Sometimes, what we can do with our own hands, can be just as special...and its Cheaper!:) 
So, You know how it goes.
Its late.
I want to weave.
What do I use?
Uh, pencils.
Of course!
All you need, is something to hold  your warp.
Decide on your measurements for your finished size.
My little piece is only 3" x 3".(excluding the tails)
Tape the horizontal weft pieces with some Painters Tape, to the pencils. (it comes off easily)
My warp, was ribbons of fabric.
Instead of using one long continual weft, I used cut pieces from the bundles. 

So, after you have things stabilized, you can get a rhythm and have some creative, fun!
I used a pair of long handled tweezers to weave in and out, (which I couldn't live without)...which you can get at craft stores, drug stores or even fly fishing stores! 
Every now and then, you need to slide the weft threads tight to their neighbor. 
And that's great, because it just gives you another opportunity to add another color or texture!
When you have your weaving, the size that you established, gently, remove your tape and pencils.
Remember, there isn't anything holding this together, so....  
...carefully, flip it over, and generously, place glue all over the back! 
I placed mine on a cookie sheet, that I keep in my studio for projects.
Use a paint brush, not your good one;), and spread the glue around to make sure that you have some on all of the strands. (I keep a cup of water, with my inexpensive brushes soaking for projects like this. Some of those brushes have lasted a LONG TIME)
 Carefully, take a peek on the "good" side, to make sure you don't have a glob of glue that you don't want to see when it dries.
Make adjustments, now! 
Leave it on your pan to dry.
 I have a fan in my studio, to keep air moving and to speed drying up when I am impatient!
When its dry, you can embellish it, with whatever you want.
This has all been a bit of a tease, because I don't have photos of the finished project.
You will have to come back to see IT, in an upcoming post.
For now, I just wanted to get your juices going, and nudge You to make one of these great little Weavings.
You don't just have to use yarn.
Many of these pieces, are actually ribbons.
I think Joni, may have actually cut strips of fabrics for these bundles.
Use What You Have!
There are NO rules!
Only the limits of YOUR imagination, and I have confidence, that if you spread out your supplies, and get a little messy, you will come up with something FABULOUS!
I hope that you try this, and send me pictures of your project!
I cant wait to Hear how you did!:)
Thanks for reading my hastypearl blog.
Now GO Have a Wonder Filled Day!
xoxo Laura 

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