Saturday, October 19, 2013

South Texas Red Garden October Hastypearl

South Texas Red Garden In October
One of the many hats I wear, is that of Gardener.
One of the blessings of gardening in South Texas, is also one of it's curses.
Excellent weather.
Many people Rest from gardening during the winter months.
For me, its really possible to garden almost all winter, with only a few "cold days".
While a few plants  may freeze, others may show continual color.
Certainly, there are still plenty of days to continue doing gardening chores
The Truth is, many people in our area take their break from gardening during July and August, when its really Unbearably Hot, much past 9-10 am.
During that time, the plants go Dormant to reserve their energy, and anything beyond just keeping them Watered, is difficult!
However, our reward is called.....Fall!
The plants Rejuvenate and Revive and put on a flush of color that many other parts of the world have enjoyed, all throughout Summer.
I thought it would be nice yesterday, to Stroll around and Photograph some of the "Red Stars", of my garden.
This is a Firecracker fern, planted next to our pond.
It is taller than me, after being in the ground, 3 years now.

The ground cover in the foreground, is called Knotweed.
You may have heard me say before, that a nursery salesman, pulled a small Strand of it out of the pea gravel path and gave it to me. I planted it directly in the soil on the lip of our pond and it has filled in this much in 3 years, with no attention, other than watering.

This is Pineapple Sage. It smells terrific as the name implies. It hasn't frozen in my garden, and reseeds.
It really looks great with the other surrounding plants and with those Tubular guessed it... the Hummers and Butterflies, love it.

An old Rose with yellow Thryallis and pink Turks Cap, nearby.
Dancing ladies with Lipstick Salvia in the background.

Rose Cinco de Mayo.
AMAZING fragrance!
Gardener error.
I planted potato vine... purple and green, in this bed.
Try as I might, there's no getting rid of it.
Its funny, it looks great, is contained and serves a beautiful purpose of being a wonderful groundcover.
So, why don't I like it? 
I guess there's just something about being a gardener and making that big of a mistake, to relax and enjoy it!
Ever feel that way?
Lantana "Dallas Red".
1 gallon gift from my a shrub:)
Butterfly heaven!
Dwarf Pomegranate and Lantana

"Unnamed" me...aloe, I bought at a farmers market.
Love that color and have divided it many times.

And of my goldendoodles Red babies, that get scattered around the garden.
"Unnamed" variety:)
If temps will still allow...I hope that you will go outside some and enjoy your day and I hope that you enjoyed strolling in our garden!
We still haven't even STARTED our fall foliage colors, yet!
I cant WAIT to show you our local display.
Its not New England, and its not the Rockies, but I think you will be impressed and surprised!
Dig On!
xoxo Laura


  1. Dear Laura, I have found your blog... from Leslie's, and you have a beautiful Texas garden! So nice to see you here!

  2. Thanks Roxanne! That means a lot coming from where you do! Funny that you found me, as I have been planning to sigh up for The Thread That Weaves! Looking forward to that! Stop back by hastypearl, anytime:) Laura