Monday, October 14, 2013

Mixed Media Art Studio Hastypearl

Mixed Media Art Studio
There Are Two Sides To Every Story!
I recently posted the following, first three pictures of my studio, on my Facebook timeline.
I got a number of compliments from friends.
Late last night, when I was stepping over piles and stacks of art supplies, in that Same room, I thought about how humans Present things.
Magazines and photographers are famous, for selecting, editing and erasing.
These days, photo editing programs, make it hard to tell what is real and what is fantasy.
Welcome to my studio!
Its only 10' x 15'.
It is well appointed, with beautiful century oak furniture and has a window, that looks uninterrupted over miles of Texas Hill Country.
(Notice how I am painting a beautiful story with my words, to begin to distract you, from what I am about to show you!)
After I glow for a minute, in my well presented RIGHT SIDE of my studio...

I will next show you, what the LEFT SIDE of the room looks like...Most of the time, and what the beautifully presented RIGHT SIDE of the room, looked like, only hours after I photographed it :)!

You probably don't remember seeing a picture of This Corner, that I leave set up for Spraying and Serious Mess Making.

You surely didn't see the top of my Always Messy work space, which even uncovered, is only a few square feet of space!

 Notice the overflow, underneath the table and how I have had to expand to the rolling cart to the side of my chair.
Are you Starting to get the point of my subtitle... Two Sides To Every Story?  
We can make just about anything Look Beautiful, with enough time to move things around!
Scroll back up and see what the "before" pictures looked like:)

And then, finally, this last picture is for the curiosity expressed about the drawer photo.
One individual, said that she wished she knew what was in one of the drawers!
Well, here it is!
Two FEET of zip locks, loaded with PILEs of Fun and Potential!
Everywhere I go, I'm always on the look out for Something Wonderful, that needs to make its way into one of my pieces!

So there you have it.
Total transparency!
Total disclosure!
Next time you open a magazine, and see a beautiful room or a super model, be assured, that there has been a Team involved, that knows how to make things look PERFECT!
Just an illusion. Just an illusion. 
Thanks for reading my hastypearl blog!
I LOVE that you do!
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 I Hope that you will!
xoxo Laura


  1. I think that the Left Side of your studio looks just as wonderful as the Right Side. Maybe more so, because it shows the evidence of your inspired work. "Piles of fun and potential." Yes! Thanks for showing us both sides of your beautiful studio!

  2. Youre welcome! Just so that I can have more space, after every project, I try to "clear the decks", but it doesn't last long! Fun Happens! Laura

  3. I cannot even wade through mine right now! I see floor space in yours and I am jealous!

  4. So funny! What a blessing to have a place, Beth!

  5. I agree with Leslie. Your studio in these pics show all sides of being an artist. And truth be told, the messy side thrills me more because I know that is the sign of a creative flurry! When I work, I create the biggest mess. In between pieces, I have to clean up completely...knowing that the mess will just reappear. It is a process that works for me. And seems to work for you too!

    1. I normally have a line up of Next Projects laying on that drawer furniture, making it a constant cycle! Love Love Love the anticipation of it all! Heres to the Messy side!

  6. I recognize those messes :)
    My desk looks just like that! I envy your drawer cabinet thingy though!

  7. Kim, I found that thingy piece in a local antiques store and KNEW immediately it was the one. With a small studio space, its great for containing so much in such small square footage. Cool thing is, the drawers go all the way to the back(2') and are all metal lined, so I don't have to worry about spills:) Now, go get Messy!