Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Leather and Lace Assemblage Hastypearl

Leather and Lace
Mixed Media Assemblage
Thanks Stevie Nicks, for a great Song Title!
It is a Phrase Appropriate, for this Mixed Media Assemblage, piece that I just finished.
As your know, I am always scouring estate sales, for historical items.
History passed on from one generation, to the next.
What appeals to me particularly, are things that were Important to someone.
It doesnt have to be valuable from a monetary perspective.
I just want to know that it was LOVED!
Sometimes, a family will recognize the worth of a family members items, but still elect to sell them at an estate sale.
If I am meant to find it...I will.
I found a leather pouch at an estate sale in Comfort Texas, in a century home.
I've had it for a good while.
Its just been waiting on me to see what I was going to do with it!
The beautiful Texture in this pouch, only possible from years of use, was my theme, my catalyst, my inspiration, for this Mixed Media piece.
Artist Seth Apter, is a great one for reproducing textures.
He's a great teacher and generous with his knowledge and often posts tutorials on his blog called, The Altered Page. Maybe someday, he will reproduce the texture like you will see on this pouch!
So my goal, was to feature a combination and contrast of Textures, in this piece.
Some Leather...some Lace.
Mostly a blend of hard and soft...
To start, whenever I can, I try to use some of my handmade papers, to ground my pieces.
They are also useful for setting a color frame.
This piece of paper is particularly beautiful.
At the top, I layered two of my favorites, from my button collection.
The ephemera under them, is a signature from the inside of a book cover, from 1891.
A reminder, of a time, and a hand, gone by.
I found it at The Graphics Fairy website.
It is an endless supply, of all kinds of free downloadable images!

The mans leather pouch in the center, is a Stunner.
Look close and you'll see some Amazing Texture!
As the top layer of the leather began to shed, the bottom layer, almost an orange color, began to show through.
This piece was USED and loved.
I'm so glad that I found it.
I know that the owner was an engineer.
Doesn't it get your mind going, in wonder of where all this pouch has traveled:)?

The bottom third of the piece, is a more feminine contrast.
The exquisite piece of lace was a gift to me, from a very dear friend.
The heart rocks are a few from my collection. 

Below, is a Close up of the "alligatoring", of the leather.
Wow! I wish I could recreate THAT on paper!

If you read a previous hastypearl blog posting on the piece to the right, you will see where I was headed with this set.
The two completed pieces, came from ONE game box, top and bottom, dated 1950's.
That's my birth decade, so I'm being careful not to call it an antique!
I let the instructions and even some pencil score keeping ticks, show through.

The set is neither masculine, nor feminine, but a combination.
I think they look great framing the vintage terrier rug, hanging in our kitchen.

I had a great time, making these.
Each have special found Collected pieces AND cherished Gift pieces, included.
There's no end to all of the great NEXT pieces for each of us to create!
I cant wait to start again...
What will YOU Create, today?:) 
I'm so glad that you have stopped by hastypearl, to see what is going on in my world!
I hope you will also follow me on Facebook, or take a look at some of my Pinterest boards!
For those of you in the Northern Half of the World...Have a great Fall Day!
xoxo Laura 


  1. Great blend of styles here and that pouch just might be the find of the century. I can see why you got it. Love the picture of the two assemblages hanging on the wall together. It is not so common to see pics on our crew of blogs that show art actually hanging in the real world. Looks great!

  2. Thanks Seth! I knew you would appreciate the pouch for its character and texture. Knowing that it was special to someone for many years, makes it remarkable enough to be honored in my home. Cant wait to start another piece...Create On, Seth, oh, and thanks so much for your blog series. I am loving "meeting" new and revisiting some favorite artists. I love your heart for Encouraging and Building...people! Laura