Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Art Round Robin Hastypearl

Fall Art Round Robin
I recently read an amazing art blog, All the way back, to its inception.
Super Cool Artist.
You would probably know her name.
(...didn't want to name drop, but she knows that I was doing it:)
Periodically, I'll select someone that I admire, and invest the time.
I learn A Lot.
About Human Nature.
About Kindness.
About Life.
About their Art Road.
I'm guessing that it doesn't matter whose blog I read, there would be some cross over in our lives.
Names of people that you both admire.
Events of challenge, that are the same.
Bottom line is, we all basically Go Through the Same Things.
No matter where we live or who we are.
I promise, My story and Your story are similar!
I digress.
(I love that phrase.
I could use it almost EVERY blog post:)
One of the things that I read in her blog, was that she had participated in some pretty amazing
Art Round Robins.
You know.
She sends something to another participant, and they add to it and send it to another participant...and so on.
Well, what I saw was nothing short of Amazing.
The pieces were Phenomenal!
So Generous.
Such an activity of Giving.
Well, I am proud to say that I too, have participated in a recent Art Round Robin!
While a bit more Humble than the one that I just referred to, it
was Full of Love,  just the same:)
It was my Honor, to receive a beautifully created Fall Pumpkin.....coooooooovered in luscious dinosaur stamps and it was created, AND mailed...Just to Me!
Yep, that's right.
The artist friend that I am referring to, is named Jackson, and he is 3 years old!
This morning, I was happy to send to him, my installment in our little Art Round Robin!
Its always fun to just get out some pencils and just get to it!
My "Happy Fall" models for my cartoon faces, are my beloved Airedale and Goldendoodle!
So, large or small, fancy or not...participate in your own version of Sharing...Today!:)
Placed in my kitchen window, surrounded by some of my Favorite Finds...

What a Sweet Mom he has, to take the time, to teach him about Giving...and the Postal Service!

Lola and Darcy...Super Models!

Happy Fall, Ya'll...xoxo Laura


  1. I love your Jackson-o-Lantern! It's nice to be involved in a Round Robin. I haven't done that for a while. I bet Jackson is going to love Lola and Darcy too. I also like your collections. They look something like mine - sticks and stones lined up on a window sill. Yep, I bet we are all more alike than we realize. Thanks for sharing.