Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make a "Fuss" Over Someone! Hastypearl

Make a "Fuss" Over Someone, Today!
A while back, I had one of those definitive moments, where I thought about areas of my life that needed some attention.
Partly because I had seen elderly individuals, losing friends and basically being alone, and recognizing my own propensity to enjoying  my privacy, I decided to make it more of a priority, to spend time with people that I love.
For me, it was just going to mean more Contact.
Sometimes meals out together.
Taking a class together.
A phone call...
It didn't always have to be a big effort, it just needed to happen, More.
Yesterday, I had a very important person in my life, over for lunch.
Now, Id like to tell you that I prepared an exotic meal, but I Didn't.
A bowl of homemade soup and fruity muffins, and some little bite sized smoked salmon and cheese crackers.
That's it!
Everyone has their specialty.
Maybe you are into setting a beautiful table.
Maybe you love to build a beautiful menu.
For me, the touch that I most enjoy bringing to the moment, are my gardens' flowers.
Again, I don't make elaborate arrangements.
I just snip, strip them outside and fill little glasses.
Just the process of going out to the garden, and seeing all that is available from my laboring, its part of the gift that I like to think that I'm bringing. 
My friend and I go way back now, so in a blink...Four hours had passed.
It doesn't take much, to tell someone that they matter to you.
But, you know how great YOU feel when someone does it for YOU!
Maybe you are already GREAT at spending time with friends.
If not, think about it.
Believe me.
Time flies by very fast.
Unless there is some exceptional circumstance, we can only blame ourselves, if we find ourselves any time in our lives.

A VERY simple place setting.

At the end of our visit, my friend surprised me with a bag of goodies.
Things that she knows that I love!
They are exquisite vintage laces and spools of thread and tiny little metal bells.
You KNOW that I am going to work them
into my Mixed Media pieces!  
I hope that you don't take this as a scolding.
The last thing that I would want to do is to make you feel guilty!
I know that we are ALL already busy, but if this strikes a nerve with you, just DO IT!
Everyone is a Winner, when you do!
 I hope that you have a Great Weekend!
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xoxo Laura
p.s. love you Boo Boo:)  

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