Friday, May 3, 2013

Hand Painted Water Color Angel Cards

 So, yesterday, when I listed my latest Assemblage Angel on my  Etsy shop, hastypearl, I mentioned that I loved how my Hand Painted Water color paper turned out so much, that I would make a set of cards out of it.

Well, here they are!

 I love how sweet this Angel face is!

They are super layered and thick. They almost feel like book covers.
What could you do with that, right?
Anyway, they really turned out sweet.
You can read more about them on my Etsy description.

And by the way, you guys are killing me.
Last week I heard from a bunch of you that have signed up and are getting email alerts when I post and are following this used the "sinister phrase"...stalking me;), you KNOW who you are, but I'm not getting any comments!

Give it a try!

I registered under Google, but there are a number of choices to register with.

If you register under Anonymous, you need to leave your initials or name to let me know who you are!

Yes, I will do my best to call you out and embarrass you (no, I wont). Its my job!

So, come on and check in:)

Have a fun day...


  1. Thanks, New Friend, Doreen!
    They were FUN to make...