Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mixed Media Baby Mobile

Well, I can finally reveal the long kept mixed media baby mobile, secret!
Our niece and nephew are to arrive in early June, or whenever she pleases.
We all know that babies get to pick!
I discussed with the mother a while back, that she send me some pics of the nursery.
I, of course would be trolling for ideas, for making them a special nursery treat. 
Mother has a beautiful, clean decorating taste, so I knew I wanted it to be suitable! 

 Time rolled by and mother became very busy with a very sick mother:(, so I did the next best thing...I appealed to the daddy!
He sent me a handful of pictures of the nursery.
One photo was a beautiful rug. On it were all of the animals, leaves, acorns and my favorite, a bee hive, that you see on this mobile.

One night, Darcy and Lola and I settled in for some sleeping and some creating, while Larry was traveling.
With a perfectly dark, except where I was working, and quiet house, I drew and water colored and cut out the shapes.
Ahh, a perfect evening!
With this project, I wanted to stay with a soft and pale color palate.

I have a collection of new and old yard sticks.
I decided to construct the holder for the mobile out of a yard stick that I got at Bergman's Lumber company in  Boerne, Texas. Its been in business, forever and special for me because we live in Boerne!
With a little bit of sawing and a little bit of drilling, it made for a sturdy holder and even with a white wash, was colorful, too!
I added texture to many of the animals wings, legs, tails or necks, by putting little accordion folds here and there and the little bird got deconstructed and put back together with jump rings.
I always like to put some movement and texture in my art.

 The most fun, was stringing and hanging the shapes!
I used a spool of vintage waxed twine. I'll be sad the day I use it all, because I love it.
(Hmm. Better go junkin' and look for some more:)

I strung colorful beads on the twine and began the non-exact science...(hey, its Laura, here..."exact" is a dusty word in my vocabulary as I seldom use it:) of balancing and hanging the 18 images!

Along with her pink BB gun, it was a fun surprise at mothers baby shower, yesterday.
Corraling and wrapping the mobile was a fun challenge as you can imagine, so it wasn't the prettiest wrapped gift at the party!

Mom, was happy and I hope baby will be!

There will be many sleepy, middle of the night feedings, in the coming weeks.
I hope it will be a soothing visual for both baby and mother!

Sweet baby girl...we cant wait to see you!


  1. THAT IS ADORABLE!! (And yes, I am SCREAMING that!) What a great idea and it turned out beautiful! Baby girl will be amazed for hours watching those delightful little animals spinning around!I sure wish I had inherited just a smidget of your artistic abilities!

  2. Ha!Your crochet hooks do the creative talking for you....and, I havent torn my entire kitchen out with my own hands and rebuilt it like you did! I think you are doing just fine in the creative department. sure to check out Beverly's adorable Etsy shop called,
    BevsCrochetCreations. She makes wearable and usable infant photography props. She has a nice selection and can do anything else you want from a pattern!
    Thanks for your nice comment, Bever:)