Thursday, May 9, 2013

Water Color Cards Review and Giveaway!

Water Color Cards Review and Giveaway!
So, who knew that there are blogs...blogs with big readerships, that are all about reviewing products and having big giveaways?
I didn't!
Well, of course I didn't!
I hang out in gardens and barns. There aren't too many reviews going on there!
I recently was presented the opportunity to submit photos of my Hand Painted Water Color Cards, similar to what I list on Etsy, to a list of such blogs to participate in their reviews.
Much to my surprise, I heard back from 18 interested blogs!
I went down the list, and read each blog.
Some were great fits for me and others weren't.
That's the beauty of the activity.
You only send to who you want to! 
Of course, making the papers and putting together the card packs has been fun, but communicating with the blogs writers, has also been encouraging.
Its always fun to hear that people love your work!

  So, I went about the process of packaging, to send the cards sets, to each blog.

Every purchase on hastypearl comes with a free gift. I guess that part is as much fun as making the items!
I like to change things up and make different gifts...that's not surprising if you know me!
You can see that this group is getting some collaged bookmarks.

It will be fun to see how the process goes with each blog and for certain, there will be a winner for a set of All Occasion/Blank cards.

These batches turned out to be really pretty.
You never know what is going to happen next in my world with hastypearl, but it has been a fun ride, so far!

Have fun!

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