Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mixed Media Moth Collage Hastypearl

Mixed Media Moth Collage
I recently learned about an exhibit, called, Winged Tapestries, Moths At Large.
It is running from September 29, 2012- September 29, 2013, 
Central Park, New York City
There you can see, Large Format Photographs by Canadian Photographer, Jim Des Rivieres
 You don't have to look at his beautiful photography for long without getting inspired.
Most of us think about the butterfly as being beautiful, but Jim has brought these AMAZINGLY colorful moths to the forefront.

 The moth that I gravitated to in his beautiful collection first, was a moth that he has featured under the word, Exhibit, on his website.
I think you can see how beautiful the colors are on this particular, moth!

I first drew it and then used gouache watercolors on the moth, but I always have the most fun making my watercolor rice papers for my backgrounds.
I hope your computer will let you enlarge each frame, as the colors are really pretty on this piece!

 I layered lots of media, fabrics and used some grommets for texture.
It was a perfect opportunity to use some of the fish fly lure eyes, that Larry found at an estate sale.

 I slipped the finished 8 x 10 collage into a black frame and I think it looks really great.
There is a companion piece that is very complimentary to this, listed at Hastypearl, my Etsy shop.

I hope to get back to revisit the website and try my hand at some of the other beautiful moths he has photographed.

Hope everyone is well...
Life is good!

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