Monday, May 20, 2013

Tesoro Box Laurie Mika Mixed Media Polymer Clay Workshop

Project Two, Tesoro Box....well, we jumped right back in with two feet, to part two of the Polymer Clay Workshop!
Laurie has a "show and tell" sort of style of teaching, and then she sends you create!
It occurred to me how similar the feelings in different disciplines in our lives can be.
Certainly, right before you go into a show pen on your horse, you have that feeling of...what is going to happen? How is this going to work out? Look?
When you pull your chair up to the table, with a blank slate... or in this case...empty wooden box, you get a little adrenaline surge...
Then, you lean in and get to work.
Even with an idea or theme, you have no idea how a project is ultimately going to look! 
After a while, Laurie walks around and in the most amazing respectful and personal way, steers you back when you are heading off of a cliff or if she can see you sinking with fear.
A smile from someone cheering you on seems to give you new courage to explore....
But, not Overpowering.   
Its an amazing gifting, really.
Might have something to do with her having a huge FB following.

 Stamp Antonio owners Carol and Amy were around for most of the class and both made boxes.
It was nice to see them "treat" themselves to a class, for a change!

Again, after two full days of laboring...I mean creating... our boxes went to the showroom table for a collective review.
Laurie asked us to speak about our boxes.
It was nice to hear from each woman.
Many expressed similar challenges in this exercise, but everyone learned something about themselves.
Overhead shot of all of the boxes.
It really was a beautiful sight.

My hero, Laurie!

Ive told her a number of times, that she really has been a significant influence on me.
I never toss such "intersectings" of humans, to coincidence.

Surely God is in control of those times.

I took her class three years ago, when I was considering, for the first time in my adult life, that because of health reasons, I may not be able to continue doing something that I really love.

While we ALL will eventually have to make adjustments and let some things go in our lives, I'm learning, that there are new things that we may not have even considered, that will bring equal satisfaction/joy.
 My box had a theme that was born in me many years ago.
I first found accidentally;), weeks ago, a beautiful vintage picture of a Sheep.

 I felt like I wanted to inscribe in Hebrew, somewhere on my box, the word...Lamb.

I found the word Lamb, but as in any language, it had many spellings and meanings.
I sought the help of my friend, Rebecca, superwoman, teacher of women, and she sent me the appropriate spelling for what I needed.

It is a very personal box for me with significant Spiritual meaning.
 Again, this was a very technique driven class.
I learned new things this time around.
Things that will easily be used in my future projects.
It takes a while for it all to sink in, but my memories of this whole weekend's experience of seeing old friends and making new ones, will stay with me for a long time.

Hope your days are Wonderful....


  1. Your writing style is so eloquent, really....and profound....always making me have a gift there, girl!
    Something dawned on me tonight in writing to Vivien...that you have perfectly synthesized what you have learned from me and from Fred Mullet into something that is totally your own have taken the organic, nature inspired iconography that Fred likes and combined that with the medieval/folk art style that I adore, making it into something totally original..... Kudos!

  2. Thanks Laurie...for everything.
    I heard a story one time about the mothers of a particular culture. One by one, they placed a new taste on the palate of the mouths of their children...flavors that they wanted to share with them.
    I like to think that each of us are exposed to different "flavors"in lots of areas in our lives, some are destined to stick and some dont. You and Fred were definitely "happy" flavors, that "stuck", for me!
    Heres to all of the wonderful future flavors we will taste!
    Create On...Laurie!