Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hastypearl Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art!

Hooray, for Vintage Parts!
When I thought about what I wanted to sell in my Etsy shop, naturally, I chose Art.
But my kind of expression of art, almost always includes...Parts!
In my frequent hunts...prowls...venturings, when I find SPECIAL vintage items that speak to me and I think they will work into my art and I can afford them, Ill buy them.
Then after a while, reality sets in....You cant use everything you buy!
I knew that would happen to me
so, from that came the...Vintage Parts, part, of hastypearl!
Well, I am glad to say, that I am finally getting to the marketing of my wonderful found Parts, on my Etsy shop!
I wish there was a way to put ALL of you in my pocket and take you with me to see the places that I find myself searching in.  

 As happens, you find yourself wondering about the items Owners. The Families. The Collectors.

Who would store tiny vintage charms in a cigar box and keep them for decades?


Who would take a child size tambourine and scratch a face and the words, Wild and Wooly on it?

 What grandfather and grandson would whittle on their porch together, and talk about life?

What newspaper would hire artists to carve beautiful printer plates for the ads in their copies?

 What kind of man would collect dozens of vintage casters and put them in a box in his garage?


 Then, there is the category of the vintage bits and pieces that show us what it was like to be alive when life was simple.
I have an shelf covered  with vintage items like this, that people love to look at when they visit our home!

I especially love to find things that are still with their boxes.

All of the information and explanations are there, to read and learn from.
It's amazing how useful some it can still be!

I can see a grandmother and granddaughter, laughing and making crochet daisies with this easy to use winder, that I found!

I was at an estate sale in Boerne, last weekend. Amazing century place. Massive Oak Trees that were already here when some of Texas' history was being made.
There was a woman, moaning with  sadness about some of the family pieces that were for sale.
"How could the family sell that?", she'd ask. 
I consoled her a bit, as I also experience those feelings.
I told her...she could buy them and take care of them for the family!:)
(She already had a stash!) 
The families, will never know us, but we can still enjoy their treasures!
That's what the hunt for treasures is all about.
We can all take care of each others "stuff" along the way! 
So, yep, Ive started listing some PARTS on hastypearl. You'll see more of them in time.
I'm the girl that goes straight for the garage to find beautiful wood handled tools, too!
I'm selling those at Johns Road Antique Mall in Boerne, Texas.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the stroll through "Vintage Parts"land and will swing over to hastypearl to take a look at them. Each item has a bit more info, there.

I'm so thankful to those of you that are visiting my blog.
The whole process and the kismet of how people find each other in blog land and how you can connect with someone you will probably never meet, is fascinating to me!
I certainly understand that it happens, because I am a blog follower...too!
Maybe I will list some of my favorite blogs some time!

Im enjoying the little location counter on the right side of my blog, but I have another counter that indicates that many more readers are stopping by! The curious side of me wishes I knew who you were so I could thank you:)

Anyway, I'm really enjoying it...
Hope you are enjoying your days...

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