Thursday, May 23, 2013

Watercolor Fox Collage

Watercolor Fox Collage
As you know, Larry and I have been traveling to Colorado since the 70's.
We have explored our way across most of it, but our heartstrings, are in Redstone, situated on the opposite side of Snowmass, from Aspen.
The valley has been dubbed the most beautiful in America.
If you go there...and please go there... you wont argue.
We try to stay a couple of weeks, when we go.
It is a restful time, even though we are never...still.
We hike and drive and explore. Read, eat and wish we lived there!
Its the kind of trip, that you don't have need for your cell phone and the TV only comes on for three hour, evening drunks of American Pickers;)
Larry loves to fly fish.
I will often accompany him, following along with my art supplies and camera, unless he goes on one of his all day marathons!
Then, I will hike and explore, alone.
As I have previously mentioned, last summer, I enjoyed painting owls, but I also drew the red fox.
While we have stayed in almost every available place of lodging, we most enjoy staying at the Gamekeepers Cottage, which deserves its own post...maybe I will do that sometime.
The cottage has a picnic table, nestled under century pines.
That is where you will find me, drawing.
Last summer, one morning, I started a study on the fox.
Sketching from different angles....enjoying reading about their lives in nature.
Later, that afternoon, actually while doing a little real estate shopping, we turned a corner and on a freshly mown meadow in a neighborhood that we like, I saw on my right a strange sight for the middle of the day...
"Larry stop"!
There, like a gift, the Very red fox that I had just been concentrating on, in my sketching...
Larry stopped, and Sir Fox sat for WAY TOO long, with me snapping away at the camera.
In my rural area, if we see a fox do this during the middle of the day...we have to consider, rabies.
I asked our hosts, Janette and Jeff Bier about it, and their explanation was... sadly, the residents were probably feeding it.
Just like the misguided urge to feed deer, humans benefit, more than the wildlife does. 
So, he was smaller than I anticipated. The coat was beautiful.

 His ears moved all of the time, gathering information. I love the black points on the extremities.

Can you believe it?
So, yes, a timely gift!

When you are in the mountains, you are GOING to see wildlife.
Some you want to see, some you don't!

The red fox, is an extremely social animal.
Traveling in families, or packs. Where was this little guys family?

All you have to do is watch a PBS "Nature" episode, on them, and you learn how intelligent they are.

So, we know that every pack has to have the alpha leader....

And...those that play and chase butterflies in the middle....

And, the reliable protector, watcher, in the back....

I had such a special time working on these pieces and couldn't believe how wonderful the timing of our chance meeting with young fox.
Minutes earlier or later, and we would have never seen that sight!
You can find these original 8" x 10" watercolor, collages at my shop, hastypearl, on Etsy.
We are already planning our 2013 summers trip to Colorado.

I'm not sure what I will think about while I am there, but I don't think there will be any shortage of fantastic surprises just waiting to be explored!

Enjoy these beautiful days and thanks for checking in on my blog!
I'm really enjoying bringing you the stories of our life!

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  1. The foxes are lovely. Aren't they fascinating to watch? They move like cats.

  2. Yes, I hear that analogy a lot. The ones in our area, certainly don't stand still like the one I photographed. As hard as I try, I can't see one after they pass in front of me...still, it's nice to know they are around:)