Monday, May 27, 2013

Polymer Mosaic Found Object Angel Doll

There is a lot going on on this beautiful Polymer Mosaic Found Object Angel Doll, that I call
"Thimble Heart"!
 Before any clay work happens in my studio, I enjoy making my hand painted rice paper.
That usually sets the color palate in motion.
Sometimes, you cant hardly see it, but its still important.
This time, I lined the box that "Thimble Heart's" body rests on, with paper that has beautiful golds and greens.

 I used a found vintage recipe, printed in an old newspaper, for her face.
Shes a pretty special girl, so of course, she needed a silver leaf crown!

Her dress is incredibly textured, and decorated with acrylic paints, and beads and bits.

I especially love finding and buying vintage sewing kits.
It always makes me sad that families don't keep them, when they are closing out a loved ones home. Nothing, in a woman's life, especailly in previous generations, gets touched more than her sewing kit.
You can see a vial of kept pins and needles next to her thimble heart!
Are these her "swords" for protecting? :)

My projects, are a way to preserve items and the "hearts" of the women who's treasures I find.


Her skirt is overlaid copper leaf and this sheet is particularly richly colored.

She is ready to hang on your wall, or place on your stand, like I have done here, on my dining room sideboard!
Some of my meals there, definitely need "watching over"!

Here is a side view so that you can see how she was constructed.
Thimble Heart is available at my Etsy shop called, hastypearl!

Enjoy your days...

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